Noah Bremen

Noah Bremen is the Founder of bdirect Companies, the leading retail sales and marketing force behind many of the nation’s hottest products and brands, including Five Hour Energy, Beats by Dre, HydroxyCut, Naked Juice, VitaCoco, NutriBullet, Perfect Pushups, and Muscle Milk, among a host of others.

Noah is the son of a successful retail sales agent, according to The New York Times, “achieved a kind of flash celebrity in the 1980s as an ubiquitous imposter who slipped past security to shag fly balls in the major leagues, shoot baskets in the NBA and accept somebody else’s Emmy Award on national TV.” Noah acquired his willingness to stand out, his salesmanship, and an incomparable drive to achieve the seemingly impossible from his father.

Born in Detroit and raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Bremen graduated from Michigan State University where he studied marketing and advertising and played collegiate baseball. After graduation, Bremen moved to Los Angeles to find his niche meshing his interest in product trends with his passion for understanding what drives consumers to buy.

Once in Los Angeles, Bremen quickly became enthralled with brand marketing while working for Peter Bieler, the innovator behind ThighMaster, as vice president of sales, who instilled in him the value of anticipating the consumer’s needs before they arise.

Noah ‘s expertise is in bridging the gap between retail stores hungry for the next big thing and to innovative new brands. In that vein, Bremen founded bdirect, a 360-degree provider of sales and marketing leadership for consumer product developers.

Bremen then spent two years developing the iconic Razor scooter brand. Through his successful collaboration with the developers, Bremen acquired a keen understanding of how pricing, positioning and branding affects consumer decision-making and moves product off the shelves. It also allowed him to see an opening in the market and chart his own course as a successful retail marketing and sales maverick.

Bremen experienced immediate success with his very first client, Hollywood Celebrity Diet, a low carb program that delivered massive retail sales success and set the bar for a host of products to follow. By bringing this brand to a mass audience, Bremen developed a retail sales system that he has replicated time and again across a number of industries – from health and wellness to consumer electronics, to housewares, to technology – making him one of the most successful retail brand specialists in the country.

Bremen maintains offices in New York, California, Washington, and Arkansas.

When he’s not in Los Angeles, he spends one third of his time in Bentonville, Arkansas, home to the corporate headquarters of Walmart, with whom he does a large percentage of his business. Bremen also has close ties with Sam’s Club, Costco, 7-Eleven, Target, Walgreens and many other big box retailers.

An avid sports enthusiast, his hobbies include baseball, basketball, tennis, skiing, and golf.