About Us

A new breed of sales and marketing agency.

What makes bdirect different? For starters, we don’t try to be everything to everyone. And we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for every retailer. Instead, we recognize that every brand is unique. With this in mind, we choose to align ourselves exclusively with brands where we know we can add significant value and produce exceptional results.

Who do we serve?
Bdirect is the foremost provider of turnkey sales leadership to retail brands. Our best-in-class teams — modeled after leading CPG manufacturers — help small to medium-size companies build their brand and generate new sales momentum.

Our structure is unique, our focus is clear.
Today, bdirect helps growing companies optimize their sales at many of the nation’s top retailers. These include Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and 7-Eleven. Our objective is not to be the biggest — just the best. How? By being more agile, more innovative, and more committed to the primary mission of selling more. This means developing programs that sell more profitably and more consistently to meet all your business objectives.

A reputation built on trust, a business built on sales.
Our proven record with launching brands and generating revenues has solidified our relationship with top retailers. They expect results and we deliver. Over the years, we’ve become valued strategists who have gained the trust of key buyers. As a result, bdirect can offer both young and well-established companies the exposure to buyers, speed-to-market, and shelf presence usually reserved for Fortune 500 brands.

Bdirect Super Brokers.
With our Super Broker Network, you get the industry’s best agents on the ground and in your corner. This elite group of brokers has the coveted resumes and relationships to help growing companies compete with established brands. From sales, to logistics, marketing, promotions, administration, analytics, and more — bdirect Super Brokers have the experience to navigate conflicts, win tiebreakers, and turn relationships into results.

On-site teams = in-store results.
As your brand advocate, bdirect guides you through the entire process and orchestrates the efforts of our on-site teams from our
Los Angeles office. These specialized teams include:

Your bottom line is our top priority.
Every program we design, every promotion we launch, every action we take must satisfy one question — does it sell more of your products? At bdirect, we measure success solely through the sales we generate. We bring this sales-centric focus to every meeting, every program, and every client we serve, every day.

Find out how bdirect can promote your brand and build your sales: call 310-914-5999.