Driven to Sell More.

For the past 15 years, bdirect has been the “go to” sales and marketing agency for many of the nation’s hottest brands and products. Why? Because we’re an industry trendsetter; we know what works, we know what sells, and we know how to generate more buying momentum than other agencies. We have the experience, the people, and the talent to turn growing companies into top selling brands—and nothing less.

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Get your product off the
ground and on the shelf.

bdirect has the team, the tools, and the proven record of success to get your product in the store, on the shelf, and selling more.

Expand distribution,
generate momentum.

With bdirect, you’ve got a team on the ground and support in the store to move your brand forward and your sales higher.

An alliance of partners to
build your brand.

You set your sales and marketing objectives — we’ll connect you with teams of handpicked specialists to help you reach your goals.

It pays to look into our
compensation plan.

Call 310-914-5999 to learn about bdirect’s industry-first compensation structure.